About us
Based on the principles of the European Union and on the fact that we are Hungarian, EURÓPA Institute supports companies and local governments to utilise the advantages opened up for us by our membership in the European Union.

The way to successEURÓPA Institute is a revolutionary new consultancy organisation, which finds it important to enhance the development of the competitiveness of its clients in the European Union. We consider it of outstanding importance to encourage our clients to have remunerative investments in the fields of their knowledge base and knowledge management. We help organisations become more dynamic, and their employees more active as well as the better utilisation of their capabilities. We consider the improvement of organisational and individual values, the facilitation of changes in behaviour as well as efficiency and success a priority. We also consider it important to strengthen organisational uniqueness and the fact that they can be distinguished from the competition.

Our aim is to make the changes in knowledge felt not only in the increased size of the knowledge base and changes in the individual and organisational skills and attitude, but in the recovery of the invested capital in the economic sense of the word. It makes it possible to measure the efficiency of our activities, programmes. This places consultancy into a new dimension. We do our work responsibly, and make the achieved results measurable and transparent. We do our utmost to win our partners' confidence and keep their commitment. As a result, we create substantial surplus value for our partners in their organisational results through our activities.

Its founders established EURÓPA Institute to help Hungarian enterprises as well as regional, county- and town- level local governments to utilise the advantages arising from Hungary's membership in the European Union. We offer our help to establish regional cooperation.

Always to targetIn order to achieve the above goals, we have established continuously developing close cooperation with governmental organisations, ministries, chambers of commerce as well as with local governments and enterprises. We consider personal contact a priority. Every employee of EURÓPA Institute believes that supporting personal efforts is the key to increasing the success of our region and Hungary's potential.

Our Values

Theoretical foundations and practice-oriented approach

EURÓPA Institute continuously searches for new knowledge, information and translates them into practice.


We have been accumulating practical experience for years and hand it over to our partners.

Expert Colleagues

Our colleagues had worked on different practical fields for years before they became members of EURÓPA Institute. They typically have a degree in several fields. A lot of them are certified Europe experts.


We make sure that our colleagues undergo continuous training using internal and external developments.

Wide cooperative background

EURÓPA Institute is a member of several professional organisations. We cooperate with numerous Hungarian and international institutions on a professional basis.

Attention to Partners

Our work is always adjusted to the needs of our clients. We strive to satisfy their needs flexibly.

Our Specialities
Comprehensive Survey Systems Which Can Be Freely Shaped
Business Games to Deepen Changes
Flexible System and Programme Development

On preparedness influencing customer relations

Strategic and management games

Nearly 1,000 training and development blocks, tasks

On processes connected to strategic and operative management

Trade and sales business games

Approximately 25 types of development programmes

On organisational competence serving as the foundation of organisational development

Communication games inside and outside the organisation

Over 20 types of organisational and employee surveys

On colleagues' professional and personal attitude, skills

Warming-up, teambuilding games

Attention to partners, efficient needs analysis

Our Activities
EUC - European Union Consultancy
CPC - Corporate Performance Consultancy
IPD - Individual and Professional Development

Consultancy, expertise

Surveys (JV, CSA, ESA, SA)

Surveys (AC/DC, HQA, SAC)

Education, training

Productivity management (PM)

Self-development training (SDT)

Project management

Sales Promotion management (SPM)

Professional training (PT)


Human management (HM)

Leader development training (LDP)

Economic studies

Knowledge management (KM)

Personal development planning (PDP)

Market studies

Strategic management (SM)

Development centres (DC)

We are aware of the fact that our partners have to be competitive in the European Union. We are especially proud that our staff members are among the first in Hungary to become Europe experts in addition to their basic degree. Thus EURÓPA Institute can offer theoretically grounded and concrete help to utilise the possibilities related to the European Union and increase competitiveness.